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TRENDFRAGE – our in-house online portal – since 2003

43.418 Active participants

3.498.336 Complete surveys


  • Male46 %
  • Female54 %


  • Economically active75 %
  • Studying6 %
  • Other19 %

Profile data with 1,000 attributes:

Thanks to comprehensive profiling characteristics, we can offer you an accurate and highly specific sample that is tailored to your questions. Currently, over 1,000 participant-specific attributes are stored in 8 modules:

Sociodemographic characteristics

Leisure activities

TV stations

Knowledge and information interests

TV programmes

Print media interests

Internet & device affinity


Advantages at a glance:

  • Accurate sampling
  • Direct overview
  • Enrichment of survey data by means of profile data

Visit our survey platform

This platform contains registrations of all persons over the age of 14 across Germany who wish to take part in our surveys. With complete identification attributes, naturally.

Recruiting online

Exclusive cooperation with Germany’s leading media companies. We continuously recruit from high-traffic public websites using web banners or pop-up surveys on the sites, e.g.:
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner
  • Partner

Recruiting offline

Regular offline recruiting campaigns in selected cities.

Ensuring data quality

We are constantly in personal contact with our panellists. We handle queries via phone, email or Facebook help desk.

Participation in a survey is only possible by invitation

We compensate all participants, including screen-outs

Help desk for questions, feedback and learnings

No over-questioning: max. 3 surveys per month

Data controls:

  • Comparison of survey and registration data
  • Free text check
  • Answer sample check
  • Response time check
  • Exclusion of surveys with identical themes
  • Continuous update of base data

Blacklist for excluding participants

Continuous update of base data

Advantages at a glance

  • Every participant is uniquely identifiable
  • A unique trail exists of where every participant was recruited and the number of surveys they have participated in, as well as which surveys.

Trend Terminator – automatic data cleansing

“Trend Terminator” checks the quality of the data that we have gathered online in real time and allows the programming of individual quality checks that are tailored to your questionnaires. It “terminates” cases that do not meet the quality criteria. In this way, we are able to guarantee high data quality and to extend this to quality checks that can be individually customised.

We test for the following:

Speeders (survey participants who answer “too quickly”)

Straightliners (survey participants with monotonous answer behaviour: “clickers”)

Attention (control questions in the questionnaire that check whether the text was read thoroughly)

Participants who stand out in at least one of these aspects are automatically disqualified. To avoid learning effects, the control questions are regularly replaced. The control questions can also be tailored to the questionnaires and the topic of the survey. Disqualified participants receive a message that their response behaviour did not meet the quality criteria. In this way, we ensure that the panellists complete future questions carefully. Every registered panellist also has a quality score stored at Trend Research, similar to motorist penalty points. This also logs how often a panellist stood out. If the panellist stands out multiple times, they are deactivated and are no longer invited to participate in surveys. These measures ensure that we not only maintain a high-quality online panel, but we also enable you to apply quality checks to your questionnaires.

Possible settings and parameters

1. Speeder

This enables us to specify the maximum allowed deviation/exceeding of the average survey duration (median), e.g. 70%. Example: The median is 6 minutes. Using a deviation acceptance of 70%, participants who are more than 30% quicker than the median time are disqualified, i.e. quicker than 1 min 48 secs. The median is not a fixed value and can be constantly adjusted to the participants during the survey.

3. Control questions

“Incorrect answering” of a control question (e.g. Note: This is a control line. Select “6 – disagree completely”) leads to a negative point. Negative points can also be awarded for open entries, for example if a minimum number of characters have not been entered in a text field. If a control question is answered incorrectly, an instruction to read the question carefully follows. If multiple control questions are answered unsatisfactorily, the participant accumulates a correspondingly high number of negative points during the survey. The number of negative points that disqualify a participant in the current survey can be individually set.

2. Straightliner

This tests whether the respondent assigns the same value to every statement on selected rating questions. The rating questions to be checked can be individually determined. In addition, the maximum number of identical rating answers allowed can be set as a percentage, e.g. 75%.


The TRENDFRAGE app offers maximum reachability of our participants. Selected surveys appear directly on the smartphone or tablet.

Surveys can be conducted with iOS- or Android-based devices.

IN-APP targeting

The ad-ID enables us to present targeted advertising media within an app. This identification can be used to present selected advertising media to a target group in apps. Advertisement contacts within apps can also be verified.


This allows the technical features of mobile end user devices to be used for location-based or situational messaging directly at a POS or in predefined hotspots. In this way, we can survey the participants directly on a current topic and in real time in a specific area. This enables you to receive direct feedback in-store or as an exit survey.
Panellists have a cookie from us.
Advertisements are presented to the panellist during surfing
We store our panellists’ advertising media contacts and…
… the panellists are then invited to a survey.


We place great emphasis on transparency. As a result, our panellists receive a cookie as well as information about what’s new and updates with respect to geofencing only with their permission.

To determine the influence of your mobile campaigns on market indicators, we can identify mobile advertising contacts and survey people with and without advertising contact (comparison group).

International access panels

We have a network of diverse partner panels in over 50 countries, which can be used for surveys in individual countries as well as for parallel, multinational studies. We assume overall responsibility for and management of the project, including field work in the selected countries.