Free market research for your company


  • You get a free market research study.
  • At the end of your study, we referance our survey platform.
  • You get insights – we get new survey participants. Win-win.

Your questions

Successful companies conduct market research. Get answers to questions like:
  • What do people like about my website?
  • What do they like less?
  • What can I improve?

Our offer

We create a market research survey for your company. You receive free results in real time. We are also happy to support you with the questionnaire design. You decide how you contact your customers (newsletter, pop-up, etc.).

Why are we doing this?

After completing your survey, we refer participants to our online panel. There, interested persons can register to participate in paid market research studies on a regular basis. We are always looking for new members to improve our results.

Who are we?

We are the market research institute TREND RESEARCH from Hamburg. We have been conducting market research studies on various topics such as customer satisfaction, target group research, user experience, etc. since 1982.


Send us a message to We look forward to your feedback and to a collaboration from which we can both benefit. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions so that we can discuss them personally.